Wang Tian

Wang Tian graduated from Peking University with Bachelor’s degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences. With the intention to enter the pharmacetical industry, she also completed Master’s degree of Business Information System from the Australian National

To be fully equipped with the necessary skills, Wang Tian has worked in the local companies in Australia, which include AUSMATE PTY LTD, a trading company dedicated to introduce more local products into the China market, and ACT STAR PTY LTD, an education and training company. Before living in Australia, Wang Tian has also worked in Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson.

Wang Tian participated in the retreats of DCI level 3, 4, and 5 as a interpreting volunteer and she devoted many hours to the process of translating the English manuals of DCI into Chinese so that the participants of DCI can read the manual and use the wisdom in their daily life. Back in Beijing, she was one of the leaders of the reading clubs of the book, Karma of Love. In the meantime, Wang Tian utilized the online platforms helping potential and existing DCI participants to use DCI wisdom to solve their own problems.


SCIM Academic Session Completions: 

  • AS1 – January 2017
  • AS3 – November 2017
  • AS4 – January 2018


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