Kelly Tan

Kelly is a DCI teacher, DCI Singapore’s general manager and yoga instructor. Holds a Diploma in Business Studies, Kelly has worked for an MNC for many years. After meeting Geshe Michael Roach in 2011, she found her purpose in life—to serve and help others. She started to be very involved in DCI events in Singapore and is now the general manager of Diamond Cutter Wisdom Pte. Ltd. She manages the business operations and on-going events. Kelly has also been teaching on DCI tours, as well as workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China since 2012. Kelly has been practicing yoga since 2000 and is a certified yoga instructor.


SCIM Academic Session Completions: 

  • AS1 – January 2017
  • AS2 – June 2017
  • AS3 – November 2017
  • AS4 – January 2018
  • AS5 – June 2018


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