Takako Flood
(Shizuoka, Japan)

Takako FloodI was in a miserable situation in 2011.

The impact of 3.11 earthquake was devastating and those who weren’t directly affected by the damage caused by the earthquake and the following tsunami were affected mentally and spiritually, so that year was wrapped up in a self-sustaining mood in the entire Japan, which also influenced my company.

Everyone in Japan was having a hard time.

In the meantime, my mother suddenly passed away. This prompted me to move the residence from Tokyo to Shizuoka, where I was born, and the aftermath of it all, the administrative processing after the death of my mother and the arrangement of the relics.

My business that had been successful until now seemed to have become bottomless …. It seemed as if all the seeds that had made the business successful so far have been used up!!

At this time, I remembered and again read Geshe Michael’s book The Diamond Cutter which I had purchased in 2009.

To achieve the desired result, we need the seeds in our mind. I saw a ray of hope and I deliberately tried to plant the seeds of business success. My  decision was to put the business on its feet once again and to ride the wave of success, the way it was written in the book.

I must admit I did not understand all what was written in the book and I could not see the result easily at first. There were still have some nights when I could not sleep.

At that time I heard the news that Geshe Michael will give a lecture in the country of my husband, Sweden. So we flew to Stockholm to meet Geshe Michael.

He gives lectures in Singapore, Taiwan and China and he is very popular. Hundreds people attend these events, so, it is difficult to consult personally. Hence the reason why I choose Stockholm.

I was having a difficult time economically and I felt it was very important to understand the true theory for real success so somehow I was able to find the money for the plane ticket.

The lecture in Stockholm lasted for about one hour and a half and the content was just as it was written in the book. However, with his gentle and dynamic energy with his jokes made it exceptional!

I remember being extremely excited. And after the lecture was over, I was able to ask Geshe Michael; “At this moment, I feel that my business is at stake. I believe I have planted seeds so that the business will work, but results are not quite readily apparent. What should I do?” I desperately asked him.

Then Geshe Michael said; “You have already planted many good seeds up to now. Therefore you must do coffee meditation before going to bed. Think about the good things you did for others yesterday, a week ago… If you can not think of it, you can think of much more before. Many people forget coffee meditation, but it is the most important thing. Then do regularly help someone who have the same desire as you one hour a week.” He told me so.

After I came back to Japan, I did 4 steps to get what I wanted even though I could not understand all the theory. Then I joined the event held in Singapore and Taiwan and I got acquainted with those who succeeded in this way and listened to their talk.

After talking to my accountant I realized my business had grown by almost 25% over last year. So, the business I was planning to stop was already in orbit.

And, not only business but also hobbies – I enjoyed going abroad and cooking. We could reprint Geshe Michael’s Diamond Cutter in Japanese, which was out of print and publish a new book, Karma of Love. And I started to spread this theory in a small group.

My life has changed a lot. Now I can see clearly how to relieve anxiety.

The wisdom of the ancient times is sometimes difficult to understand, but wisdom of Geshe Michael’s teachings, the content of the ancient book taught in a really meaningful, easy to understand manner is the way for the people living in modern times. I wish to continue to spread this in Japan, for everyone to understand the theory for success and happiness.

So, let me tell you what I did.

  • At first I made clear ‘what I want in my life’ “I want to rebuild my business.
  • I knew I needed to find another person in a similar situation to me and I started to look for someone who I could help. I found a person who was desperate in his business and was almost thinking to close his business.
  • I went to coffee shop, listened to him for an hour and gave him some advice on what he could do.
  • Then, as I was taking a bath at night, I did coffee meditation as Geshe Michael had suggested. I tried not to worry before sleeping and think only of the good things I had done.

In this way, seeds germinated quicker as a result of the 4 steps and the coffee meditation.

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