Salvina Siu

Salvina has started her study and practice of Diamond Cutter principles since 2015 from actively attending and leading book clubs and DCI workshops. She has many proven successes in improved relationships and increased business returns by using the Diamond Cutter principles. Salvina is a Senior Training Consultant and Certified Business Coach. She used to work for a financial institution as the Vice President of the Learning & Development department. Salvina had lived in the United States and worked in the Information Technology field for over 10 years. Salvina holds a MBA from The University of Hong Kong and her Bachelor Degree in Business Computer Information Systems from The University of North Texas, USA. Salvina integrates her training and coaching expertise with the Diamond Cutter System and is dedicated to help more people to learn and apply these principles to become more happy and successful in their lives, businesses, communities and the world.


SCIM Academic Session Completions: 

  • AS3 – November 2017
  • AS4 – January 2018
  • AS5 – June 2018


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