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    • I have a project for a disabled people in Vietnam but why I am really hard to find a partner who will do with me. I think that they are afraid of this unsuccessful project.

  1. Absolutely fantastic teachings..this is like the final frontier… there is no teaching deeper than this.

  2. very beautiful and useful demonstration. Thank you very much Geshe Michael.

  3. Thank you, Geshe Michael Roach and your team. I am gonna try it out and I am excited what will happen.🌟💫 Thank you for teaching me this way of achieving goals. Take care, Mareike

  4. Simple to understand and follow.
    Just look around another person who has same need as me to make tHings work

  5. Добрый день, а есть видео на русском языке? Спасибо!

    • Пока нет, так как все лекции читаются на английском языке.

  6. Thank you very much for these two lessons Geshe Michael Roach.
    If I not wrong, I believe there is a 18 Course of Buddism, am I right? I hope you can answer. Thank you very much.

  7. Thank you very much Geshe Michael Roach for generously sharing your wisdom! Currently I‘m reading the Diamond Cutter and started to implement the practices into my life. I find it very helpful to stay focussed throughout the day to improve my interactions with others fast. Excited what else is going to happen… I love the videos, it‘s a joy listening to you. Thank you again.

    • Stefanie! Thank you so much for your kind words.
      We are really excited for the results this system is bringing to everyone around the world. We hope to hear your success story soon.

  8. Thanks so much for this sharing. I read your book and then find this website. All the things are connected and under your influence I start reading the scripture the diamond cutter and using the way you suggested. I really had some response and many of my wishes are come true. I wish I can meet you one day to listen to your seminar.

  9. Is 2 lessons all we get? It doesn’t look like there are any events in America. The courses [the levels] should be available for downloading and viewing. I would love to see more.

    • By the way, if you look for live events in america, soon we will be posting more about our Diamond X speakers all over the world including United States!

  10. Watching this, I have a feeling of being given something precious and I’m very grateful for this present. Thank you so much.

  11. Just great! I am looking forward to the next lesson. 😊 Thank you😊

  12. Geshe,
    First of all, i wanna thank you for all the meaningful and wonderful teachings.. i just wanna know if you guys have a tour in here in Ontario canada in the future?? Thank you and more power!!!

  13. Hi GesheLa! It‘s nice to hear and see you teaching with so much enthusiasm. I am grateful for everything you have done and still do for all of us. Thank you! Take care!

    • Thanks for your comment Sabine, DCI Global Team, including our CEO and Founder Geshe Michael, works hard to help your business and personal life improve using the DCI system. We are excited to read your comments, please keep sharing, and comment.

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