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The first American to complete and receive the “Geshe” degree after 25 years of study in east asia philosophy. He helped to found Andin International Diamond Corporation in New York City, which grew from a small investment to $250 million USD in annual sales, and was purchased in 2009 by super-investor Warren Buffet

In 2010, Geshe Michael founded The Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI), which was conceived as a way to recognize the universal nature of these great ideas and make the ideas usable as “The Diamond Cutter System”, a methodical system for leadership and success among governments, corporations, entrepreneurs and other professionals around the world.
DCI was named after one of the foundational books of Asian philosophy, “The Diamond Cutter Sutra”, which gives a profound and detailed description of the Asian presentation of cause and effect.

Geshe Michael Roach
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“Using the 4 steps, one day some total strangers knocked at my door. They were interested in my house! Within a week they bought it for the price I had quoted, no hassle, no pressure, no stress!"


“I read the book “The Diamond Cutter” in 2011 and I was very skeptical. Today, these principles allow me to shape my life and it is so much fun partly because I became more confident in the application of the tools and also because giving became a habit and a source of joy."

Eva Balzer


“I have studied the DCI tools since 2013 and I have been attending Geshe Michael Roach’s seminars whenever I can. Today, I can’t even imagine my life without the wisdom from the ancient books. I am so grateful for this blessing."