Episode 49 - How to have savings

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  1. Eva

    Hello I wish to ask cause I’m allways helping others animals and people. I’m also helping my daughter cause she can not earn money from long time. But still I’m not earning much , still I have debts, and I’m working as a flat broker. Still I do not have enough money to make any savings.
    Could you pls advice me what to do ?

    1. DCI Global Team

      Hello Eva,
      Thanks for watching the show and for your comment. Here are some people with a similar problem as yours.
      I hope you can find the answer to your questions here.
      >> https://diamondcutterinstitute.com/pms-episode-42-financial-freedom/
      >> https://diamondcutterinstitute.com/pms-episode-29-the-powerful-tool-of-the-circle-day/
      >> https://diamondcutterinstitute.com/pms-episode-2-about-not-making-profit/
      >> https://diamondcutterinstitute.com/pms-episode-7-glass-ceiling/ (This one is special for us because it helped us to start working in a whole new online thread that soon will go online)
      Remember doing your Coffe Meditation every night and even if you want, every morning during breakfast!!

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