Episode 38 - Is getting paid contradictory to planting seeds

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  1. Yasmin

    Thank you so so so much for answering my question. So many important insights.
    Its not contradictory with the right motivation, yay 😀
    Add extra value.
    Rejoycing throughout the day. Its not prideful to feel joy for all the good i am doing. Definetely had that virus…
    More seeds planted than just connection through the work, did not think of that, so good.
    Money is not linked to/ not coming from work.

    Watching the show is definetely helping to focus on planting seeds and rejoycing for the rest of the day. Thank you for consistently showing up, creating the show and help so many with following through with the steps and especially with the 4th step.

    1. DCI Global Team

      We are really happy we helped you, please keep sending your questions and watching the show!
      Thank you Yasmin!!

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