Episode 18 - One seed, multiple results

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  1. Yasmin

    It helps so much to watch the show each morning in order to refocus and be reminded of the seed system. Thank you so much for the time and thoughts you invest here.

    I am working in a retiring home by hosting tea ceremonies and creative hours twice a week for the elderly people. I am getting payed for that. I was wondering, as you talked about the retiring home and the seeds you can plant through helping and connecting with the elderly people there, would it counteract the seed planting when you get payed for it? Or is the intention of why i am doing it the more important part?

    Thank you for answering all my questions here and on the previous episodes, i understand and learn so much.

    1. DCI Global Team

      Hello Yasmin!

      That is a very good question and we think that this could be very helpful for thousands of people.
      What do you think if you share a vertical video, selfie style no longer that 30 seconds and we share answer this amazing question in one of our episodes?
      Is that something that you’d like?


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