Episode 15 - Connecting People

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  1. Thank you guys so much for pointing out the counter action of seed planting. Have not been mindful or aware of them much,
    I am still figuring out how i can feel the joy before falling asleep to actually water the seed. I have so many seeds planted but they dont seem to grow. Would be thinking of the seeds be good enough as an act of watering them?
    Is there like a metaphorical bridge to go from not feeling joy (or any emotion) for the good actions over to total bliss and joy?
    I think a lot visually, if there is a story or image that helped you, i am very curiouse to learn about that.

    I admire your consistency and energy, keep up the good energy cause it does reach all the way to Germany.
    All the best

    • One thing you can do is “Fake it until you make it”.
      Fake the joy, think about how you will look after you get the great results of your seeds, even better than you imagine and do your celebration everyday everytime you remember, listen to music that makes you happy and do your celebration meditation.
      You can do it!!
      You can also plant the seeds to have a good coffee meditation by helping others to feel happy or even better, help them to do their own coffee meditation.

  2. You mentioned planting seeds into others’ minds in this video. If everything, as you say in DCI, is coming from seeds I myself have planted in my mind, also the mind of others I see around me must come from some of these seeds. So why shouldn’t I be able to also change their mind and the way how they are planting seeds in their mind by their actions, words and thoughts by planting some special seeds in my mind (3rd flower)?

  3. Thanks Geshe and thank you all sooo much for making this peach tree morning show.I am big fans of diamondcutter and i bought books in Hongkong 2016.Seed system really brought big business to my company.but……in 2018 everything changed suddenly!my business had suffered a lot of problems in few months and i can’t pay my bank loans anymore,i was broke and i also got depression.I wanted to go to the diamond class but i am don’t have enough money to go to Thailand and i have been finding geshe michael’s Email address all around the world!i need help.
    my question is what is the deep cause of debt ?i have been planting money seed for a long time why my debt not reduced ? what is specific advice i can do ? my girlfriend also gone and how can i connect her to bring she back. thank you all again!!Love you all !

    • B.C.Chu thank you for your amazing question!
      We’d love to answer, but we think more people would benefit from it if you send your vertical, selfie-style 30 seconds (no longer than that) video. In this way, you will be planting the seeds for helping others with the same problem!
      You can send it to seedquestions@diamondcutterinstitute.com
      We will be looking forward to receiving your video.

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