Episode 13 - Infinite Potential: Plant BIG!

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  1. Larissa Robins

    Just GREAT!!! That was the most important episode among the ones I have already watched)))).
    Though I understand that it is very difficult to train the mind to think differently and what is the most improtant – to act differently. I am working over myself for 3 months already and I was shocked to discover that IT IS NOT THAT EASY AS IT SEEMS! My mind goes back and back to the previous pattern of thinking and acting, trying to be still selfishand I am still worrying about my life but there is the difference in 3 months, sometimes I am able to watch myself worrying and I am aware of this pattern. )))) And I want to be more conscious…

    My question is how to plant the seed system, if we may call it like this, in the mind in order to be conscious about it automatically? I would say to live by it as the ony way of living, as Geshe Michele does?

    1. DCI Global Team

      Hello Larissa,
      Everytime you plant a seed it grows in your mind. No matter how small it is, it can create great results.
      So, if you take effort on using the system and breaking the old way of thinking, then you will be planting a huge amount of seeds to see yourself being able to handle any kind of situation with your new way of thinking.
      Just remember, decide what you want, make a plan to help others, do it and most importantly, CELEBRATE YOUR GOOD SEEDS!!!

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