Episode 10 - Increase your self-confidence = "Good Job!"

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  1. Brenda Shoshanna

    Love the show and the wonderful spirit that exudes from all.
    Thank you,

  2. Yasmin

    This is so good, thank you.
    Its funny how the questions asked are the same i am dealing with right now. I do see how having a clear idea on how the thing i want to sell can benefit the person i am talking to shifts everything. Though when i want to come up with it i feel blocked 😀 it feels like i try too hard and the words and sentences i say feel empty or like an air filled balloon, as if i want to make the art that i create or the idea behind it bigger than it is.
    I am currently in the beginning phase of establishing my creative business as an illustrator, thats the background. Drawing about emotions, inner journeys of growth and healing plants.
    As i am writing i see, that it might be helpful for me to help someone else grow confidence in their work? Also helping someone finding clarity on their bigger purpose of work. Anyone needing that? Lets help each other out. Also inspirations are always welcome.

    1. DCI Global Team

      Wow Yasmin
      You are on the right track, keep watching the episodes and share your own questions so we can help you.
      Thanks for such a great comment.

  3. Cindy Chan

    Very practical.thanks for this morning session. GOOD JOB! 😊 inspirational! I will think of the higher goal in my job. In Doing interior and architecture design works , I should be reminding myself my job is to understand people / the end user’s need and fulfill their needs. The end product should prove there is an improvement in the living quality and use of space and bring safety. The side product will be visual improvement. This service can and will change people’s way to experience and appreciate and use a space and hopefully and utilmately my service should bring happiness to the end users as their needs are carefully studied and fulfilled satisfactorily!

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