An all-new French translation of the classic book by Geshe Michael Roach “The Karma of Love” has been translated in a international collaboration between France, Germany and Mexico!

Karma of Love FrenchWe were excited to begin the meticulous work on the all-new “Le Karma de L’Amour” in late 2017, reading the new French translation paragraph by paragraph to check the meanings of the sentences, to make sure that they were in accordance with the original English version.

The translator of the new edition, Sabine, is a french woman living in Germany.  I am a French Mexican woman living in Mexico.  Sabine and I began our work together with countless e-mails, as we carefully explored words and phrases that can change the meaning of the original text.  We set out to carefully craft the new French version so that it brings the energy of the original work to a new and even more powerful and colorful life in French!  Our non-stop e-mails carried our work on…

A few months later, we were joined in our efforts by Marion, a young French journalist, living in France, who has given the new edition a fun new touch of youth and agility!  A few months later, when Marion was visiting family in my city of Guadalajara, Mexico, her partner asked me how to make their beautiful relationship continue just as beautifully for many years.  Naturally, I brought up what the book says: Continue to plant beautiful seeds of companionship by working on a project together and make sure you celebrate your partnership with a good ‘Coffee Meditation!'”

Soon after this, Imelda, a talented Mexican graphic designer joined the project . She designed a beautiful new cover for the edition, using a young couple’s hands are intertwined in front of a field of flowers, to reminded us of the wonderful fragrances of France.  We discovered while working on this project that we are a diversified and talented team of international girls!

I was able to upload the entire package of text, cover and purchase details to the Amazon platform.  I carefully studied the contracts, conditions, and the fine print many times before the final “click”, which launched this great new French edition to the French speaking world.  (The edition was first introduced as a digital e-book in 2017.)

Our international collaboration has benefitted the most of anyone from the process!  It was a great opportunity for us as individuals to plant beautiful seeds for success in personal relationships, our families, our businesses, and our project collaborations.  We feel lucky to have had this opportunity to work together to tell the French-speaking world about this new system, where we have learned that, to get what I want, I just have to give the same thing to others first!  What a wonderful experience, working with my international team… fantastique!



Hear what readers of “EL KARMA DEL AMOR” say:

The Karma of Love book is a jewel. It has really helped me in my relationship. I have given this book to many friends. This book is a great tool to improve human relationships. It is amazing that the book is now available to French speakers, it is great this knowledge helps people improve their relationships and lives all around the world – Ria.


Geshe Michael is a great teacher. He is generous and displays immense kindness. His teachings in this book are truthful, infallible, effective and actual. It is amazing how I understood the importance that small specific acts of kindness and generosity produce great liberation, and improved my relationships, health, wealth and service to others.


French speaking people will be thrilled and surprised of this wonderful, near to the ground, modern, practical, updated knowledge! – Lourdes