Sharon Fan

Sharon Fan – Taiwan

Business Owner
DCIG Certified Teacher
DCIG Director of New Partner Development
SCIM Assistant Professor
Sharon graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with a joint major in Business Administration and Economics. She started her first business with her father in the sophomore year, and has developed her career in international business and engaged in business consulting in both government and private sectors since then. Growing up in a multicultural background, Sharon enjoys bridging the Asian and Western cultures by facilitating their exchange. In 2015, she was fascinated by the profound ideas found in the ancient Chinese classics, and has immersed herself to further studies with Geshe Michael. After receiving intensive training from the Sedona College of International Management (SCIM), she has made modernizing, integrating and sharing this ancient wisdom her life’s pursuit. In addition to her career in business, Sharon is also a certified yoga teacher at Yoga Studies Institute (YSI). This practice has helped her grow into an active and keen DCIG teacher that she is today.