DCI Level 1

Success Inside, Success
  • The 5 Goals of DCI: Ultimate Leadership
  • Working Sometimes Is Not: Stop doing things that don’t work
  • The “Pen Thing”: Understanding the Nature of Reality
  • All Questions Can Be Answered with “Seeds”
  • The Four Starbucks Steps for planting a seed
  • The Top Ten Good Seeds: Tools of a Master
  • Four Powers: How to understand negative seeds, and clean them
  • Working from Inside & Outside
  • Ancient Meditation Techniques
  • Oxygen Money & Limitless Resources

DCI Level 2

Talent, Passion, Purpose: Finding out what you’re supposed to do in this world
  • Find Your Purpose in Life by Helping Others To Find Theirs
  • The 4 Laws of Karma
  • Natural Reactions are Wrong
  • The Four Ways Karmic Seeds Appear
  • The Driver of a Broken Car is Not Dead
  • Laying Down the Next Stepping Stone
  • Coffee Meditation
  • Going Deeper with Ancient Meditation Techniques

DCI Level 3

Mastering Your Mind for success at work and at home
  • Meditation Mind: The Benefits of Meditation
  • The Six Conditions You Need to Meditate
  • The Five Qualities of a Good Meditation Place
  • The Five Problems in Meditation, and Their Eight Antidotes
  • The 9 Levels of Meditation
  • Mahamudra: Learning to Watch Our Thoughts
  • The Karmic Causes of Good Meditation: Being Kind to Others

DCI Level 4

Finding, Keeping, and Loving Them: The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships
  • Don’t Find Them, Create Them
  • A Wish List for our New Car: Projecting vs Completing Karma
  • Nightclubs vs. the Internet
  • The Four Starbucks Steps for a Relationship
  • Visiting the Old Lady
  • Why Relationships Fail
  • Learning to Reinvest Our Seeds
  • The Invisible Partner at Your Side
  • The Meditation Quartet

DCI Level 5

12 Deeper Tools for Perfect Relationships at Home & at Work
  • Diamond Deals: Recognizing and Avoiding Them
  • Raw Karma
  • Emptiness: An Absence of What You Always Thought Was There
  • Five Paths to a Perfect Relationship
  • The Finer Points of Coffee Meditation
  • Writing Epics: Bringing Your Dream to Reality
  • Success Is Love
  • Croissant Meditation

DCI Level 6

Peeling off our Addictions with the Wheel of Life
  • The Wheel of Life —Addiction as a Self-Perpetuating Cycle
  • The Objects of Addiction
  • Recognizing that We Do Have an Addiction
  • Complete Avoidance, but Only as a Starting Place
  • Vicious Cycles: The Three Animals
  • Compulsion vs. Passion: The Pigeon
  • When Compulsion is Thwarted: The Snake
  • The Roots of Compulsion: The Pig
  • The Equipment of Experience
  • The Six Realms: What Addiction Does to You
  • Train of Thought Meditation
  • Meditation on Where My Happiness Comes From

DCI Level 7

Reaching the Diamond World: Learning to Touch the Source of All Success
  • The Two Realities
  • The Diamond World
  • Space Which Never Changes
  • A Meditation on the Four Kinds of Space
  • The Three Impossibles
  • Triggering Inner Vision
  • An Excellent Choice of Seeds: Quality & Characteristic
  • A Meditation on Quality & Characteristic
  • The Breakthrough Moment: A Description of the Indescribable
  • The Four Higher Understandings: Fallout after the Bomb
  • Breakthrough Thinkers & the Evolution of All Sentient Life

DCI Level 8

  • How vs. Why: Surface Causes & Deeper Causes
  • The Four Emperors: Only Karma Makes Power
  • The Thing-That-Never-Happens
  • Karmic Intelligence
  • Option 3: The Seeds for Decisiveness
  • King, Ferryman, Shepherd: The Three Leadership Styles
  • Karmas for Public Speaking
  • The Four Modes of Management
  • Skillful Means: Unexpected Strategies
  • Every Person Has An Equal Right to Success
  • Replacing Others with Myself: The Ultimate Unexpected Strategy
  • Exercises in Equality & Exchanging
  • Leadership-Planting Meditations

DCI Level 9

True Innovators: The Deeper Causes of Creativity
  • True Innovators: A New Ancient Approach to Innovation
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Master & Re-Cast
  • Deep Causes vs. Shallow Causes: Causes Below the Cause
  • The Emptiness of Thoughts: Keys to Innovation
  • Creative Coffee Meditation
  • Shantideva’s Anti-Envy Program
  • Gratitude: Secret for Touching the Diamond World
  • Future-Sense: The Emptiness of Instinct
  • Using Emptiness to See Products of the Future
  • Asanga Talks to Love: Taking Inspiration from the Future
  • Stop Living in a Closet: The Emptiness of Time
  • The Lion’s Dance Meditation for Discovering What Was
  • Innovate Something Higher: Innovation’s Higher Purpose
  • The Seeds for Vision: Six Worldviews to Shake up Your Brain

DCI Level 10

Impossible Anger: Never Get Upset Again
  • The Two Husbands in the Kitchen
  • Karmic Account Hackers: The hidden toll of anger
  • Staying Cool
  • The Four Stages of Anger
  • The Myth of Expressing Anger
  • Seed Burning Buddies
  • Peacock Warriors
  • Ultimate Illogic: Jelousy as an anger
  • What Pushes my Buttons
  • Executive Mediations