Emily Chan

Emily was born and raised in Taiwan. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Applied English in Taiwan, Emily also received training in Effective Communication for Professionals in the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. She has experience in financial services and training industry.

After attending a training with Geshe Michael in 2010, Emily put the Diamond Cutter principles into practice, which has helped her enjoy a professional life with a peaceful mind since. She has been a volunteer for DCI events in Taiwan and helped with translation since 2012.

Emily has been accepted into the Sedona College of International Management (SCIM) teacher training and has graduated with certification since 2017.

Currently, Emily works with Diamond Success to plan ongoing events for corporations and individuals in Taiwan. Her vision is to spread the Diamond Cutter business principles and to help others use the wisdom to achieve outer and inner success.


SCIM Academic Session Completions: 

  • AS1 – January 2017
  • AS3 – November 2017
  • AS4 – January 2018
  • AS5 – June 2018


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