Category: Successes

  • Jeffrey Tzuoo
    Future Vision

    DCI Collaborator and Teacher in Taiwan since 2010 I finished my first DCI Seminar Intensive in 2010. As head of HR head for the DuPont company in Taiwan. a big part of my job was to help employees finds their passion in the company… and it was obvious to me that the DCI System was […]

  • Ana Ilie
    My income tripled in 8 months

    My name is Ana and I am working in the corporate world for more than 8 years, period in which I’ve gained experience as a Business Process Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Project Lead for Six-Sigma improvement projects, Business Analyst in Agile projects and Programme Management Office. Since September 2016 I have been a Team Leader […]

  • Long Yao
    Multiplied my wealth 40 times

    Hello everyone, I am Long Yao, a psychologist by profession. I was introduced to the Diamond Cutter System in June this year through a participant in my one of my coaching sessions. Before I got to know this system, I felt that it was difficult to close business deals and made no progress at work. […]

  • Barbara Jascht
    Sold my house for a good price

    Motivation, inspiration & corporate ethics expert. Managing director and owner of the Barbara Jascht Seminar & Training Center. I first met Geshe Michael Roach in 2010, when he came to Europe for the first time. He electrified me from the very beginning with his energy and the karmic principles he taught. I was very happy to […]

  • Eva Balzer
    Doubled my income without working more

    Eva Balzer

    Qualitative Market Researcher I read the book “The Diamond Cutter” in 2011 – and I was very skeptical. I was a political activist and I met any form of “religion” with suspicion if not hostility. However, the openness and undogmatic character of the system – so skillfully and compassionately presented by Geshe Michael Roach – […]

  • Roger Eisemann
    I planted a new team in my business

    Roger Eisemann

    I lead a medium sized third generation family enterprise with 110 employees. By unhappy circumstances we were forced to implement a major generation shift in our top management. I clearly felt that I did not only want the new people in these positions to be especially capable. I also wanted them to be ethically responsible. […]

  • Takako Flood
    (Shizuoka, Japan)

    I was in a miserable situation in 2011. The impact of 3.11 earthquake was devastating and those who weren’t directly affected by the damage caused by the earthquake and the following tsunami were affected mentally and spiritually, so that year was wrapped up in a self-sustaining mood in the entire Japan, which also influenced my […]

  • Elena Tararina
    Success at work and at home

    We moved to Kiev in 2014 because of the military activities in Lugansk (East of Ukraine). In Kiev our family didn’t have a place to live, no job, nothing. In 2013 I heard for the first time about the Diamond Cutter system.   Since then I have been practicing and we have unbelievable results.   […]

  • Petra Buchinger
    If you want achieve your goal, just help someone

    Planting Master Thesis Success! Successful completion of my degree and production of a truly meaningful Master Thesis – that was what I wanted to accomplish when I approached Geshe Michael Roach at a DCI seminar in June 2014. I asked him what I could do on a deeper level to successfully complete these two projects, […]