Ana IlieMy name is Ana and I am working in the corporate world for more than 8 years, period in which I’ve gained experience as a Business Process Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Project Lead for Six-Sigma improvement projects, Business Analyst in Agile projects and Programme Management Office.

Since September 2016 I have been a Team Leader in a shared services center in Bucharest, Romania, and have led 2 teams of more than 10 people.


My success story with applying the Diamond Cutter system starts in August 2017 when I received the book from a friend of mine, telling me: you need to read this!

So I went to the seaside for a long weekend and devoured the Diamond Cutter in record time! I went back to the office completely decided to apply this new system with a new team that I was just starting to manage in September 2017.

At first I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, nor had I the seeds to see the right karmic partners, but in November 2017 I participated to DCI 3 in Bucharest and got clarity: I decided to get a job in the UK and triple my income through a promotion to the headquarter.

  • Slowly and surely I started to make monthly recurring donations to various organizations that needed urgent help in Romania and I began to see perfect karmic partners around me: people that wanted to promote, to increase their income or even both!
  • I helped my first karmic partner to promote to her dream job and get a 10% salary raise.
  • Then the second karmic partner “appeared from thin air” and started to study with him 1 lesson per week from Karmic Management. After not more than 3 months, he got a promotion with a 25% salary increase.
  • After seeing the success of this colleague, another team member asked me to teach her Karmic Management and after 5 months she got a promotion and income increase of 20%.

I was very fortunate and I am super grateful that I had the opportunity to apply the Diamond Cutter system from a people management role, as I had lots of opportunities to help my team members to reach their development objectives.

I have agreed with the majority of my direct reports to implement 4 steps objectives for the new fiscal year: “help a colleague implement a project with business impact by supporting them on a weekly basis”. In this way 3 of my direct reports have implemented 4 continuous improvement projects in record time and I succeeded delivering the team’s annual savings target in the first 4 months of the new fiscal year.


I also had the great opportunity to support the promotion of 8 team members to higher complexity roles and this brought them pay raises between 10-38%!


The 8 months that were needed for my seeds to ripen were not all honey and milk. I had to fight my old way of seeing things and deactivate the big-bad seeds: the envy I had towards some of my fellow colleagues and the happiness I was feeling when somebody I didn’t like got into trouble at the office. One of my biggest challenges was to decrease the fury that I’ve often felt when somebody (anybody!) didn’t agree with my views and opinions…

But after I started to apply the DCI principles, I discovered soon enough that when I focused on the positive impact I was creating in my environment, the negative experiences were getting smaller and less frequent.


And in this way I cooled myself off, I became happier (my colleagues were telling me: you’re so different from 6 months ago! What are you doing?) and one day, in June 2018, I saw my manager’s manager come to me and say: “Ana, there is a job in the UK that you would be perfect for! There is one downside though: it’s only for 12 months. Are you interested in it? I’m sure that you’ll have continuity because they will love what you do and how you work. What do you say?”


I was thrilled, couldn’t believe my ears and I instantly said YES! A 12-month contract was not at all a downside for me because I’m usually promoting every year and I happily take on more challenging roles. I went to the interview and the hiring manager decided to make me an offer after a 20-minute discussion. Two months later, in August 2018, I was packing my bags and hopping on a plane with a 1-way-ticket to the UK!


Needless to say that the financial offer was exactly 3 times higher than my income. And I’m sure that this was due to lots of Coffee Meditation on the 8 recurring monthly donations that reached about 7% of my income, and all the time and energy spent to help my entire team to reach their goals and dreams on a weekly basis.


I am very grateful that I had the seeds to find out about the Diamond Cutter system and to help lots of people from my people management role. I received a personal proof that this system really works every time and it’s super fun to apply! This is the reason for which the first thing I did after I received my new big salary, was to create another recurring donation – the biggest one so far – as I already started to plant my new financial and professional objective: triple my income though a perfect job for me in Switzerland.

Last, but not at all least, I was able to do all this due my mentor, coach and Diamond X trainer, who kept me focused on the objective and encouraged & supported me every single week to plant the right seeds in the most fertile soils. 🙂