Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / June 14 – 16, 2018

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Public Talks & 2-Day Intensive

The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships

for success at work and at home

Welcome to the DCI Level 4! I and all of the staff of the Diamond Cutter Institute would like to thank you for coming, and we look forward to working with you on achieving your dreams.
A few years back, I and my colleagues at DCI were leading a business seminar in the city of Guangzhou, in southern China. This is where so many of the world’s goods are produced, and so the people in this city are some of the sharpest businesspeople in the world.

After we had finished presenting the Diamond Cutter Principles for achieving business success, a woman who owned a large business raised her hand to ask me a question: “I love these principles from the Diamond Cutter Sutra, and I do believe that I can use them to quickly make my business even more profitable. But can I also use these principles to improve my relationship with my husband?”

To me, this is of course a very good question. We do not live on material success alone. All of us would also like to have successful relationships. Our lives are defined by the web of close and fulfilling relationships that connect us to others around us, whether they be family members, coworkers, or our own personal partner.

It would be a very lonely world simply to reach financial success, but to have nobody to share our lives with. And so we at the Diamond Cutter Institute began to develop programs to help people reach success in their personal and professional relationships. The first of these is DCI Level 4, which you are about to begin.
DCI Level 4 is called “Finding, Keeping, and Loving Them: The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships.” It builds upon the first three DCI levels, which participants should have received training in already, to get the most out of this level.

DCI Level 1 is an introduction to the Diamond Cutter Principles, especially with regard to reaching our dream of financial independence. DCI Level 2 teaches us the details of the Diamond Cutter Principles, again primarily to reach the goal of financial independence. Here we learn the famous 4×4: The Four Starbucks Steps; the Four Laws of Karma; the Four Flowers; and the Four Powers.

DCI Level 3 teaches us how to use good meditation technique to achieve all of our goals; for example, it shows us how to use deep inner focus to solve our business and personal challenges, by overcoming the Five Traditional Problems of meditation through the use of the Eight Traditional Solutions. Level 4 begins with the basics of great relationships—how to start a relationship with someone; how to keep it going; and how to make it happy. And then with Level 5 we learn advanced tools for dealing with all the many challenges that we can meet in a relationship.

These teachings are all based upon the new book, The Karma of Love: 100 Answers for Your Relationship, where we use the Diamond Cutter Principles to answer the most common 100 questions that people all over the world have about their relationships.

There are a number of worksheets here in the manual that I’d like to bring your attention to. These worksheets help our DCI staff identify what you’d like to achieve during our time together, and help us to help you to actually achieve these goals afterwards. You will also receive information about important follow-up programs in your own city, for putting the ideas in Level 4 into your own life, for a successful relationship.

The Diamond Cutter system really works, and it will work for you. Let’s use the time well. This is the time for you to decide what it is you really want in your life—to have the courage to dream, and have those dreams come true.

It’s difficult for all of us to set aside time in our lives to meet together, to work on achieving your dreams in an exciting new way, one which really works. I encourage you to focus and to work hard with us in these days together; and please don’t hesitate to let myself or any of our DCI staff know how we can make your time more comfortable, and more productive.

We are here because we want to help you, help you to achieve your dreams. Talk to us. Stop us in the hallway, ask us questions during classes and in the breaks between classes, over dinner—anywhere, anytime. Email us after the program and let us know about your progress, and any further questions you have, and what we can do to help you. And when your dream does come true, we’d love to hear about that too.

Good luck, work hard.


Geshe Michael Roach, CEO

The Diamond Cutter Institute


For more information about this event please contact:

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