The 2+3


2 Days of Public Talks + 3-Day Business Retreat

Geshe Michael Roach and Senior DCI Teachers are available to come to your city to deliver a series of experiences and training programs designed specifically for you and your audience. Whether you are a corporate group, government group or a public event organizer, DCI can work with you to plan a program to immerse your audience in ancient wisdom for modern success, with an emphasis on how to apply it in everyday life.

The DCI tour schedule can be very full at times, but we will always try to work with you to accommodate your special needs for scheduling and content. Please e-mail us at with your ideas.

A typical week of events in one city or region is what we call a “2+3”…2 days of Public Talks followed by a weekend “Business Retreat”.


DCI Public Lectures

DCI Public Lectures

Public lectures are most commonly organized for groups of 200-1000 people and held on Tuesday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Thursday in a theater, conference center, hotel ballroom or private corporate meeting space in the city. The lectures usually begin at 7:30pm and end at 9:30pm, and include opportunities for audience members to have a brief word with Geshe Michael and get him to autograph copies of his books like “The Diamond Cutter”, “Karmic Management”, “The Garden” and “The Karma of Love” as well as opportunities to have personal conversations with Senior DCI Teachers present during breaks and after the conclusion of the event.


DCI Senior Staff

DCI Senior Staff


The lectures are typically hosted by Geshe Michael, and include special segments led by DCI Senior Teachers, including special meditations, debate demonstrations and an open Question-and-Answer segment in which audience members can ask for explanations, answers to deep questions and challenge the teachers. We welcome challenge…Ask us your toughest questions. In some cities organizers have incorporated Geshe Michael and DCI Staff into creative arts programs or themed programs, drawing from the message of the DCI system to reinforce or build the core values of their event or organization. Get creative and let us know what your ideas are. Depending on the subject matter, we may be able to make a special plan to do something completely different for you!




The "Business Retreat"

The “Business Retreat”


In a typical “2+3” week, the Public Talks are usually followed by a 3-day weekend “Business Retreat” for groups of 150 to 200 people, hosted by Geshe Michael and facilitated by 10 Senior DCI Teachers. Business Retreats usually begin on a Friday night and include two very full days of training, ending on Sunday around 5:00pm or 6:00pm. The Retreats are usually held in a resort or country place some distance from the city. We think that it is good to draw the participants away from their everyday routine and habits in order to have a better chance to get quiet and go deep with the DCI principles.

The Business Retreats are usually scheduled on weekends because it seems to work best for most work schedules, but they do not absolutely have to be scheduled on weekends if you have different needs that the retreat happen on other days of the week.

DCI Senior Staff

DCI Senior Staff


DCI Business Retreats are designed to deliver a much deeper understanding of the principles, and more personal attention from senior DCI teachers. The weekend program includes not only lectures by Geshe Michael, but also interactive programs led in small groups by the teachers, and important components of the DCI system such as a special Executive Yoga series derived from a 1,000-year old practice.

Executive Yoga

Executive Yoga

In addition to Executive Yoga, the retreat provides deeper instruction in special techniques of concentration and meditation which help us to understand the system more deeply and apply it more effectively, for faster and more powerful results.


Event Flexibility

We understand that sometimes it may not work out for you to host both Public Lectures and a Business Retreat in your city. DCI will try to accommodate the special needs of every company and organizer, so please tell us what you have in mind and we may be able to arrange something special. Sometimes, depending on the rest of our tour schedule, it is possible to arrange just a Public Talk in a city, and in special cases a Business Retreat with no Public Talks.


Let us know what you have in mind!

Please contact us at with questions about how we can schedule a 2+3 in your city. Our schedule is often full but we will do everything we can to accommodate you!