Taipei, Taiwan / March 29 – April 1, 2018

Taipei, Taiwan


Public Talks & 2-Day City Intensive

True Innovators

The Deeper Causes of Creativity

I think all of us who have spent any time at all in corporate life have had the following experience. Our boss runs into the room and stands in front of us and yells, “Look! I’ve just seen what our competitors are doing! Cool new products! They are killing us! I want you to come up with a new product, before Friday! That’s an order!”

Sitting in a chair and trying to think up a new product—trying to force innovation, trying to force creativity—is something like sitting on the toilet and trying to force something big to come out before it’s ready. And your face will probably look the same.

In Level 9, you’re going to learn a whole new way to plant creativity—to plant innovation, inside of your mind. If you’re one of those people who can never seem to think of a new idea—if you gave up a long time ago on being as creative as some of your friends—then you should be excited about this course. Once you learn the inner causes of creativity, you will suddenly become the one who sits at their desk and can’t stop all the creativity pouring out of them, all day long. You will feel excitement like you’ve never felt it before: your life will be infinitely more interesting, and successful too—because new ideas are what people pay for; new ideas are what help their lives!

Especially for those of you who have completed a lot of DCI levels before this—for you veterans of the DCI trainings—we’ve thrown in a special section called “Six Worldviews to Shake Up Your Brain.” And they really will, and that will become the wellspring for your creativity.

Please remember that in this program, as at all DCI programs, every one of us on the DCI staff are at your disposal for anything you might need—whether it be a softer pillow in your hotel room, or a strategy for a multi-billion-dollar business.

We do both. Just ask us.

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Geshe Michael Roach

Founder and CEO

The Diamond Cutter Institute


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