Surabaya, Indonesia / June 6, 2017

Surabaya, Indonesia


Public Talk

Mastering Your Mind

for success at work and at home

Welcome to DCI Level 3! As you probably know, there are 12 levels to the total DCI Program, and we believe that as you climb up through the 12, your life becomes more and more successful and magical.

Today you’ll be starting Level 3, which is called “Mastering the Mind, for Success at Work and at Home.” In Level 1, we learned how karmic seeds control everything about our life, and how we can use them for all kinds of success: financial, relationships, health, and a peaceful world and life. In Level 2, we went deeper into these seeds, especially to find our passion in life, and to keep it there—both in our work and our relationships. These first two levels are the foundation for Level 3, and if you haven’t taken them yet, we urge you to take a DCI Catch-Up Course with your local DCI organizers.

So now for Level 3! All day long we are surrounded by electronics that were supposed to bring us closer together and save us time: our cellphone, laptop, and the Internet washing through our bodies almost everywhere we go.

What these devices have done though is to make most of us more busy and nervous. We are losing our ability to sit down quietly to think out what we are doing with our days and our lives. ADD—Attention Deficit Disorder—is now a serious problem for many of us, especially for our children. We are looking forward to a future when people simply cannot focus on anything for more than a few minutes.

When we can’t focus, we can’t perform. We can’t have new ideas; we can’t find the deeper solutions to our challenges; and we lose our grand vision for life. We fail to be truly happy and peaceful both at work, with our job; and at home, with our family.

Over a thousand years ago, the sages of Tibet began to work out special methods to focus the mind, to make it both powerful and peaceful at the same time. They based these methods on even older teachings, from ancient India.

Here in DCI Level 3, you will learn to start using these authentic, time-proven methods yourself. You will become a more successful person—better job, better income, better relationships, better family and better health—and as you become more and more successful you will at the same time become more calm and peaceful, and enjoy every hour of your life more and more.

So welcome to a whole new world, a world we will reach together in this program. You’re going to hear a lot of new ideas, ideas that can change your life, and we want you to be bright and fresh. We’ll be giving you special meditations for your mind, and special exercises for your body. We will ask you to get a good sleep each night and to eat very healthy food—also, to try to leave behind using your cellphone, laptop, and TV for the duration of the program.

The most important part of this program will be working with our DCI staff teachers, and with your fellow participants. We will all be working together to find a more peaceful and successful lifestyle, and a lot of this work happens with the other people you meet here, helping each other. So please try not to be shy, and reach out to meet new friends—the people who have come here are looking for the same thing that you are, so you are very likely to meet new friends of the kind that help each other reach their new goals.

We are here for you, to bring you to a lifetime Meditation Mind: powerful, successful, focused, and peaceful.

Good luck, and please work hard!

Geshe Michael Roach, CEO

The Diamond Cutter Institute

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