SCIM Sedona Arizona, USA / January 16th – 31st, 2019

SCIM Academic Session 7

DCI Track & Ancient Classics Translator Track

Know how to teach “The DCI System” worldwide


Geshe Michael founded The Sedona College of International Management, which in 2017 began providing three trainings each year at the Sedona worldwide headquarters, bringing together inspired professionals from 17 countries in each 15-day “Academic Session” for two separate, simultaneous intensive training tracks. The “DCI Track” trains professionals on how to teach “The DCI System” worldwide, and the “Ancient Classics Translator Track” teaches a small and select group of young translators the translation and interpretive skills needed to turn the cryptic ancient prose found in the rescued manuscripts into an exciting and useful modern handbook for success. The great books which are being translated by the Sedona group contain much of the best and most exquisite thinking on leadership by the greatest authors in the world, many of whom would otherwise have never been known. This historic work provides a constantly growing foundation for “The DCI System”, and the growing DCI audiences worldwide.


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