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two great thinkers

Watch the newest video in the “conversation” series, this time with international thought leader Dr. Ichak Adizes and Geshe Michael!

Ahmedabad, India 2017 Public Talk Clip

A short clip from the public talk on Saturday February 11, 2017 at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ahmedabad, India 2017 Press Conference Clip

A short clip from the Ahmedabad India Press Conference at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Book Circle Online

With Host Katerina Cozias – Broadcast Live Tuesday, November 29, 2016 from Burbank, CA

An Interview with Bernd Kolb

A two-hour interview with German Internet Pioneer Bernd Kolb and Geshe Michael Roach

St. Petersburg Music Video!

A look back at two great days of Level 2 events in the “Venice of the North”, May 26 and 27, 2016

Moscow 2016 Music Video!

A look back at the two days of DCI Level 2 events May 23 and 24, 2016 at the Renaissance Monarch Hotel

Dubai WFDB Conference Introduction

Emcee Tim Dabson introduced Geshe Michael at the WFDB conference in Dubai on Tuesday morning May 17.

DCI Wuxi, China

In January 2016, a group of DCI Senior Teachers hosted an event for 400 new students!

DCI Shanghai 2016!

A fun look at the good times in Shanghai January 12-17, 2016

DCI Taiwan 2016!

A music video look at a great week of events in Taiwan – January 2016

DCI: Change the world?

A snapshot of DCI events around the world

Athens, Greece Television News

Geshe Michael interviewed for Athens news Friday evening September 25, 2015

Moscow 2015 Music Video!

Enjoy a look back at the 2015 Public Talk and One-Day City-Intensive events, put together by the Moscow team

St. Petersburg Press Conference Music Video

A musical look at the August 25 Press Conference by Aleksandr Koptyev, with impressions from guests (Russian)

DCI Vienna 2015 Music Video!

A look back at the fun of the September 2015 events in Vienna and Krems hosted by Barbara Jascht

DCI World in ReView: June 2015

Ukrainians Maryna Vorotyntseva and Marina Khmelovskaya discuss their lives and the use of DCI principles to solve big problems….

DCI Kiev 2015 Music Video!

Enjoy a musical look at the final music-video slide show from the beautiful Premier Palace in central Kiev!

DCI Sofia 2015 Music Video!

Take a look back at the two great days of the very first DCI 2-Day City Intensive worldwide! Go Sofia team!

DCI World in ReView

Episode 1 / May 2015: Russia & Ukraine — Geshe Michael & DCI Russia and Ukraine staff discuss DCI principles for peace

Hector Marcel: A DCI Business Tip

DCI Associate Hector Marcel’s presentation at TEDx on DCI principles for solving the age-old problem of the angry boss!

Geshe Michael on ZeeTV

Recorded for the “”ZeeConnect” program at the Capital Club in Dubai on Tuesday evening February 17, 2015. (English)

Geshe Michael Sky News Arabia – Dubai

Geshe Michael live from Dubai – Wednesday February 18, 2015, speaking on the mistake of comptetition (Arabic)

Mexico City excited audience

DCI Event Clip: Just before Geshe Michael’s talk in Mexico City on October 22, 2014, this audience shows their appreciation! TV Yekaterinburg

Olga Chebikina asks Geshe Michael about his system and how to apply it day-to-day on the popular “ TV” (Russian)


DCI on tour: Video from the cockpit on takeoff for our flight from Vienna to Warsaw on September 10 2014

EspresoTV – Kiev, Ukraine

Geshe Michael Roach Live on this popular Kiev morning show, June 12, 2014 (Russian/English)

Hamburg Retreat 2014

End-of-Retreat Slide Show from Hamburg Summer 2014

The Coffee Meditation

DCI Event Clip: Geshe Michael at Universidad Peru explaining the Coffee Meditation (English/Spanish)

“The Pen” -Debate

DCI Event Clip: Temple University/Tokyo 10/30/11: Geshe Michael explains reality, debating “The Pen” (English/Japanese)

Emptiness is Blank

DCI Event Clip: Tokyo 10/30/11: Since all things are “empty”, can I have anything using seeds? (English/Japanese)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

March 27, 2018                   DCI Level 1: 1-Day Intensive

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Success

Geshe Michael Roach describes his life and the DCI system before an event in Tokyo (English)