Kiev, Ukraine / November 9 – 10, 2018

Kiev, Ukraine


2-Day Intensive

Enlightened Leadership

Learning to Touch The Source of All Success

Throughout our lives, on occasions both expected and unexpected, each one of us is called upon to be a leader.

For many of us, the call is uncomfortable: we’re not sure that everyone in the group we’re supposed to lead will welcome us as a leader; we’re not sure people will listen to what we say; we’re not sure we’ll even be able to stand up in front of everybody and tell them what we all need to do; and inevitably there is the specter of possible failure, up ahead.

But in the end, we need leaders in the world. Many of the important things that need to get done—for everybody’s benefit—need to be done by teams, and usually we need someone to lead the team: to be the eyes and brain of the body.

And so there are countless books and trainings and systems on how to become a successful leader.

But this system is different: It works. And it works every time. Why? Because to be a successful leader, according to any system in the world, we need to identify the causes that make a leader successful—that make a team successful—and then we need to make these causes happen. In the Diamond Cutter System, though, we come to realize that there are causes below the causes; and without these deeper causes, the surface causes don’t work.
So should a leader be assertive, or should they be supportive? The answer is obvious.

We’ve all seen assertive leaders who succeeded, and we’ve all seen assertive leaders who failed. We’ve all seen supportive leaders who failed, and we’ve all seen supportive leaders who succeeded.

It’s obvious then that all the books and seminars that tell you that a successful leader has to be more assertive, or tell you that they should more supportive, are missing something. There’s something deeper that makes an assertive leader succeed when they succeed; and there’s something deeper that makes a supportive leader succeed when they succeed.

And that’s what this eighth DCI training, “Enlightened Leadership,” is all about. For example, some people are just automatically accepted by the people on their team as a leader—no discussion, no question. Some people just know the right thing to say to their team, and their team just automatically accepts their decisions and acts on them.

Some people just seem to have a golden touch: every time they tell the team to do this or that, it works—perfectly.

These things are not random: there are no accidents in the world. They are coming from deeper causes; these causes can be identified; and they can be set into motion, by a successful leader who knows where all the things in the world really come from.
If there really is a system of leadership or management that works every time, then the entire world will, in time, embrace it. And then the entire world will be successful, all the time.


Let’s get it started.


Geshe Michael Roach

Founder and CEO

The Diamond Cutter Institute

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