Kaohsiung, Taiwan / March 27, 2018

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

DCI Level 1

1-Day Intensive

Success Inside, Success Outside

On behalf of all the staff of the Diamond Cutter Institute, I would like to welcome you to DCI Level 1:
Success Inside, Success Outside.

As you can guess from the name, the goal of DCI Level 1 is to make you very successful in your life—both on the outside, and on the inside.

What we mean by “outside” success is success with your career, your finances, your partner, your family and other relationships, and your health. “Inside” success means that we also want to help you be successful on the inside: peaceful and happy. A living example that can help everyone around you, just by being you!

We at DCI have a new way to help you reach this real success. It is based on ancient wisdom that I learned during my 25 years of study in Tibetan monasteries, and which I used myself to help found Andin International Diamond Corporation, one of the most successful start-ups in the history of New York City.

The DCI system has 12 levels, and you are about to start the first. I think this is the most important level, because you will learn the one most powerful secret to success.

We can teach you the secret, but it’s you who has to use it in your life. These are new ideas, and you’ll have to work hard to learn them. We are here to help you do that, and with anything else you need. We will be spending the next days working together to make the rest of your life beautiful and successful.

During this time, please don’t be shy: ask us for anything you need, whether it’s an answer for a challenge in your job or your marriage. We are here for you, for the rest of your life—your successful life.

With kind regards,


Geshe Michael Roach

Founder and CEO
The Diamond Cutter Institute


For more information about this event please contact:

Yaoli: hnava0711@yahoo.com.tw

Kaye Yuan: yuankay@gmail.com