Dongguan, China – August 17 – 19, 2017


2-Business Retreat

Reaching the Diamond World

Learning to Touch The Source of All Success

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your successful completion of the first six levels of the Diamond Cutter Institute training, and for now beginning Level 7.

This level, as you will see, differs significantly from the previous ones. Although the DCI Training is broadly based upon the teachings of the ancient classics of Asia, we try very hard to make sure it primarily addresses your daily business and relationships. We believe that people’s religious views are very much a matter of personal preference and cultural upbringing: that most people are comfortable with the beliefs and practices that they have shared with their parents from an early age—and that’s the way it should be.

The task that we have been charged with, though, is to do everything we can to make you successful—in every way—within your lifetime. Whereas in the first 6 levels of the training we have tried to do so with more obviously practical information and methodologies, there do exist—in the ancient Asian tradition—ways of reaching a truly comprehensive kind of life-success which require going deeper into the question of the deep sources from which our reality comes from.

To put it directly, there are certain things about reality that you cannot experience with anything you may have heard in a normal business college. And yet if you do not experience these facets of reality, you cannot become completely successful, in every aspect, within your lifetime.

And so—while still maintaining our respect for each person’s personal boundaries—here in Level 7 we will offer you a much deeper means of going to the deepest source of all forms of success. We sincerely believe that when you complete this particular course you will have everything you need to answer even the most difficult questions that life can present you with. And that will leave you equipped to reach the greatest success that a life can offer.

As always, I and all the management and staff of the Diamond Cutter Institute thank you for attending this training. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can make your experience more complete and enjoyable, and feel especially free to ask us any question that comes to mind. Answering these is what we are here to do.

We hope that you will work hard, even when it’s difficult; and please keep in mind that it is our dearest wish that you become a living example of success—and then pass this ancient wisdom on to others to bring them the same kind of success, whether as a formal teacher, or simply as a good friend.

Good luck!


Geshe Michael Roach

Founder and CEO

The Diamond Cutter Institute

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