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Ancient wisdom, modern success
Geshe Michael Roach

Geshe Michael Roach

The goal of the Diamond Cutter Institute is to help people around the world achieve success in every aspect of their lives: to reach financial prosperity and a successful and satisfying career; to become full of energy; to enjoy warm and lasting personal relationships; to become a calm and more focused person; and to help change our family, our community, and our country.

The Diamond Cutter Institute offers one important new idea to make all these things happen. It is based upon the abiding truth that everything which happens to us in life comes from the way that we treat other people. Except that The Diamond Cutter Institute offers a clear explanation of how what we do to others is stored as a seed in our mind. This seed ripens in the mind and then determines the things and people that we see all around us. If we receive careful training on how to plant and nurture the right seeds, then we have the power to make any dream we want come true in our life, right now.

The name of The Diamond Cutter Institute is taken from an ancient book called “The Diamond Cutter Sutra.” This is the oldest printed book in the world, and is found in many countries in Asia. It explains all the important ideas about how we plant the seeds that create our life, and our world.

The Diamond Cutter Institute was founded by Michael Roach. Michael grew up in the United States, and graduated with honors from Princeton University. He has received the Presidential Scholar Medal at the White House, from the President of the United States. He spent 25 years in a traditional monastery, and is the first American in 600 years to be awarded the title of Geshe, or Master.

Michael wanted to contribute to the support of the refugees in India, and so he helped found a company in Manhattan called the Andin International Diamond Corporation. The firm was started with a small loan, and became one of the fastest-growing companies in the history of New York City. It reached $250 million dollars in annual sales, and in 2009 was purchased by finance wizard Warren Buffett.

Doubleday Publishers of New York asked Michael to write a book about how he used ancient wisdom to create this great success. The book is called The Diamond Cutter, and it has become an international bestseller. The Diamond Cutter has been translated into 20 languages, and has been used by over a million people around the world to reach success at work and in their personal lives. Assisted by a staff of senior teachers trained at the Institute, Michael travels the world sharing the ancient wisdom he has learned, in lectures, workshops, and weekend retreat seminars.