Almaty, Kazakhstan / February 14 – 16, 2017

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Almaty, Kazakhstan


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Finding out what you’re supposed to do in this world

The programs of the Diamond Cutter Institute are all about success in every part of your life: as we put it at DCI, all you need to get anything you want is to use the Four Starbucks Steps. The first of these steps, of course, is simply to state—in a single, brief sentence—what it is you want.

But a surprising number of people come to us during the DCI weekend retreats and say, “I don’t really know what I want.” If you yourself feel this way sometimes, don’t worry—it’s something we all feel at different periods in our lives. As usual, we can solve this problem by using the Diamond Cutter Principles—and this is the goal of this Level 2 of the DCI training.

If you give it some thought, you can see that the question of what to do with our life has three different parts, and thus the name of DCI Level 2 also has three parts: “Talent, Passion, Purpose.” At some point in our life, if we are lucky, each one of us finds out what we’re really good at—our secret talent, the thing we do better than anyone else we know.

This blends into our passion, especially in choosing the career we’d like to follow for the rest of our life. Oftentimes we are pressured—for example, when we graduate from college—into a certain occupation, and then get stuck in it for years, with the vague feeling that we don’t really like it that much. If we have to work during our days in this world, we might as well be doing something we’re passionate about! So we need to find that passion.

The third theme in a well-spent life is purpose. All of us, at one time or another, have asked ourselves the question: “Why was I born into this world?” Are we just little clumps of stardust that gather at random; infused somehow with life and breath; and then dissolve? Or is there some divine purpose for our time here—is there something we were meant to do?

Answering these three questions—What is my secret talent? What is it that I would most love to do? What greater purpose am I supposed to fulfill during my time here?—is the goal of DCI Level 2. We believe that, if you listen carefully and give the DCI method a chance during our retreat together, you will surprise yourself, and walk away with the answers to these three questions.

And that certainly has to be one of the most valuable things you can ever have in life. We look forward to helping you make your three discoveries, with the ancient wisdom of the Diamond Cutter. As always, all of us on DCI staff are here to serve you—whether you just need a softer pillow in your room at the retreat, or our suggestions for dealing with a major challenge in your life. Grab one of us, any time at all, and let us know how we can help.

With best wishes for your success,


Geshe Michael Roach

Founder & CEO

The Diamond Cutter Institute


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